About Us

Richard Hinkle established Allen Driving School in the year 1999. Effective January 1, 2017, we will not be teaching the 14 Hour Course, the 38 Hour Course, or the Third Party Testing. Our certification was not renewed for the 2017 year. We are proud to say that we had a great reputation in all 4 Parishes we had schools in. Thank you for your patronage. May God Bless!
Important Note:
If you have completed the Drivers Education Program with Allen Driving School and you still owe a balance on your tuition from 2016 or earlier, we still have your certificates. Those documents are still valid when payments are completed. The Third Party Testing was a free service we provided for our students only.  Please be aware that your tuition did not include that service. All other driving schools charge an extra $40 for that service. We didn't.  Go to the DMV office for State Drive Testing. They are eager to serve you.  
We will however, be teaching:
* Defensive driving courses for ticket removal  ($50)
* Fleet discount defensive driving course ($50)
* DWI Awareness Course ($150)
* Advanced behind thee wheel improvement - for students who still are struggling with behind the wheel issues. ($75 per hour)
* Behind the wheel evaluation services for senior citizens or others. ($25)