The Process

38 Hour Driver's Education:
* This course includes 30 hours of classroom and 8 hours behind the wheel training.
* Effective August 15, 2010, a student can be up to 90 days short of their 15 th birthday to take this course
* Student must be 15 to do their behind the wheel training.
* We provide Louisiana Drivers Guides for all classes.
* By taking this course the student qualifies for insurance discounts. Consult your insurance carrier for additional discounts available.
* We charge any where from $300 - $375.00- depending on the location and age of the student. Call for tuition information in your area.
* We strive to keep our prices the lowest in each area of our 4 locations!
14 Hour Course (6 Hour Pre-License Course+ 8 hrs. driving broken into 4 appts)
Applies to: 18 years and older wanting to acquire a first time drivers license.
Call:  318-388-6111
Text: 318-201-5306
Additional Courses we offer:

6 Hour Defensive Driving Course:
* For ticket removal - $50
* For fleet insurance discounts - $50
* For seniors insurance discounts age 50 and up - $50
* DWI Defencive Driving - $150
* Driver Evaluation - 1 hour - $100
Group fees are discounted.
SUPPLIES each student must BRING TO CLASS:
* Each students must have a "Louisiana Driver's Guide Class D & E".  (included in tuition)
* All students must bring either a Birth Certificate, State Identification, or a valid Passport.
* All students must bring a pen, pencil and a high lighter.
* Driver Handbooks are provided by Allen Driving School