Why ADS?

Our question is:

Why not Allen Driving School?

* We have taught 15,000 plus students.  We have experience.

* Classes are taught with humor, yet with the vital information that enhances learning

* We teach students with effective proven methods that have obvious results.

* 80-85 percent of our 38 Hour students pass the State Written Test the first time.  99% the second time.

* 60-65 percent of our 14 Hour students pass the State written exam the first time. 99% the second time.

* We drive students extra, at no charge, if they need more training.

* If a parent calls us  a few months down the road and asks us to take their child on another driving session, we do it free of charge.

* We now are teaching approximately 2,000 students per year in 4 Parishes. That's 8,000 driving appointments per year.

* We have a 99.5 percent favorable feedback from clients.

* We aren's perfect, but we are trying to be.

* Gift Certificates available!


We offer discounts to:

* Law enforcement Officials

* Fire Fighters

* Military

* Two or more siblings from same household